VEGIMIR 190 is derived from renewable resources and is a highly active lubricant additive that can be emulsified in aqueous solutions containing excess reserve base。 This product is made from natural raw materials through complex chemical treatment and can be used in water-soluble metal processing fluid formulation。

VEGIMIR 190 composition is unique, containing no organic amine, which makes the design formula is more flexibility when choosing different kinds of amine, so the selection of amine does not interfere with the formula design. That also help to conform the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations. In the metal processing fluid formulation, VEGIMIR 190 can not only promote lubrication performance, but also provide additional rust protection and emulsifying performance.The additive can be used as the main lubricant to prepare metal processing liquid without using any mineral oil. The product is not soluble in water but can form stable micro-emulsion in alkaline solution. Therefore, in order to ensure product performance, it is necessary that the final product contains sufficient reserve alkali.



1。 Because of its self-emulsifying properties, VEGIMIR 190 can significantly improve the overall performance of the cooling solution by adding it into traditional synthesis, semi-synthesis and soluble oil, with only appropriate adjustments to the formulation。

2. VEGIMIR 190 can be used as a main lubricant to prepare water-based metal processing fluid without adding any mineral oil.

3. According to the actual application, the recommended dosage is 5-30%.

Typical data




Light yellow to yellow clear liquid

Acid value (mgKOH/g)


Viscosity (cSt 100℃)



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